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Writing is a part of everything I do. Whether it's writing scripts for my instructional videos, or writing a novel. I relish the use of words to communicate an idea, imparting information, or entertaining with a good story. 

     My latest endeavor is a historic novel entitled, Never Trust A Man With Two First Names. See the box, right for more information. 

Larry Withers

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The title is from a quote by Leona Hemsley, the famous New York real estate mogul. It's appropriate to my book because my hero's name is Jedediah James. He's a bounty hunter in colonial America circa, 1774. The bounty hunter was that era's private dick and he exhibits many of the qualities of his modern counterpart like Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe; cynical, resourceful and boy does he have a way with the women. He smokes cigarettes, what they called papelates in that period and he keeps and arsenal under his bed large enough to stage coup in a modern third world coup.

    He's also of Quaker upbringing so you can image the moral dilemma this presents. It's rollicking good fun with plenty of guns, knives and even a good measure of sex.